Royal Amber is a shop located in Mall of Qatar that specializes in the trade of amber and various types of precious stones. These exquisite and magical stones include antiques rosaries prayer ropes and jewelry. The store also offers a wide selection of accessories for men such as watches cufflinks and tie pins to complete their stylish outfits. In addition Royal Amber also offers a range of items such as wallets belts and hats to make men look more fashionable and confident.

The store is known for its quality and selection of amber and precious stones which are carefully sourced from around the world. The stones are carefully inspected and tested for authenticity before being sold. The store also offers a wide range of services such as custom-made jewelry and repairs. Customers can also find a variety of unique and rare pieces as well as a selection of antique and vintage items.

Royal Amber is a great place to find the perfect gift for someone special. Whether it’s a piece of jewelry a rosary or a prayer rope customers can find something special and unique. The store also offers a variety of services such as engraving and custom-made jewelry to make the perfect gift even more special. With its wide selection of items and services Royal Amber is the perfect place to find something special for someone special.


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