Nestled on the ground floor of Mall of Qatar, the Early Learning Centre is a haven for parents seeking a fun and educational experience for their little ones. This imaginative and interactive play centre is carefully crafted to provide a secure and stimulating environment for children to flourish and thrive. Collaborating with educational experts, nursery specialists, and child psychologists, the centre creates toys and activities that foster children’s skills and knowledge. From brain-teasing puzzles to creative arts and crafts, the Early Learning Centre offers a diverse range of activities and toys that cater to every child’s interests. The centre also hosts a variety of classes and workshops, including music, dance, language, and science classes, to help children develop their skills and knowledge. Moreover, the Early Learning Centre organizes special events and activities, such as story time, puppet shows, science experiments, and art projects, to keep children engaged and entertained. With its interactive and captivating environment, the Early Learning Centre is the ultimate destination for children to learn and grow while having a blast.


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