Attila Mongolian Grill is a unique restaurant concept located in Mall of Qatar that allows customers to be their own master chefs. With a buffet-style setup customers can create their own perfect meal with a variety of fresh ingredients. The buffet includes a selection of special sauces vegetables meats seafood fresh noodles spices and herbs. Customers can mix and match these ingredients to create a meal that is tailored to their own tastes.

The restaurant prides itself on its freshness with all ingredients being prepared daily and cooked to order. The restaurant also offers a variety of signature dishes such as Mongolian beef chicken and lamb. All dishes are cooked in a traditional Mongolian style with the flavors of the ingredients being enhanced by the restaurant’s special sauces.

Attila Mongolian Grill is a great place to experience the flavors of Mongolia in a unique and creative way. With its fresh ingredients and creative atmosphere it is sure to be a hit with customers. Whether you are looking for a quick meal or a unique dining experience Attila Mongolian Grill is the perfect place to go.


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